On Turning Eighty-Five

I turned Eighty-Five

On the morning

of a Royal Wedding

All the pagentry and song

Auspiciously including

My Birthday with a TV invitation

With such historical moment

That I know

This Birthday bonds with history

The protocol of Royal Ritual

Makes turning Eighty-Five

a mirror image

of an almost

Fantasy surprise


Ted Goodell

May 2018


Only Human

How fierce we’ve become
Since the first spear was flung
A kingdom of caves
Rising into cities of steel
The eternal struggle
To fashion living and thinking
With the intricacy of speech
A burning image
Becomes a sparkling wonder
A centering of spectral force
Silently stirring and searching
Finding the arch of energy
Rising like a song
Above the hungering
Journey of being human.

Ted Goodell
March 28, 2018

Puddles in the Rain

Dogs and cats

are the subjects

of many poems

And so are trees and flowers and flames

And children leaping puddles in the rain

But dogs and cats

preserve the safety of their secrets to the end

Leaving poetry to know

They harbor ways unknown

yet deeper than the song

of any poem


Ted Goodell

March 2018

Ode to Testis


The testicles hang side by side,

Swaying twins, silent tumbling

Mates in celestial song

They navigate in stormless

Circles, shy orbiting seeds.


Partisans, side by side

They swirl and pivot,

Smooth and elliptical they roll,

They circle in dark

Orbital space

Sprouting a million stars,

Devoted swimmers

In a sea no swooping

Sounds disturbs.


Ted Goodell