The Mouse

How foolish it is
To be a mouse
To think its tiny size
Would spare it from the hunt
Would grant it special favors
In a world where traps and guns
Have fed the demon cult
Of hide and kill

The long lessons of search and stalk
In backyards in forests and fields
The sport of hunting
Rising to a cathedral of guns
The innocence of grazing
Lost in what once was
The lap of Earths
Forgotten treasures

Ted Goodell
April 18, 2018

Only Human

How fierce we’ve become
Since the first spear was flung
A kingdom of caves
Rising into cities of steel
The eternal struggle
To fashion living and thinking
With the intricacy of speech
A burning image
Becomes a sparkling wonder
A centering of spectral force
Silently stirring and searching
Finding the arch of energy
Rising like a song
Above the hungering
Journey of being human.

Ted Goodell
March 28, 2018