The Birds


How archaic it is to be a bird

The regimentation of pecking

The solidarity of perching


How archaic it is

To pierce the timelessness of time

And see old shadows buried in ancestral skies

And soar above a destiny

Of fleeting images gone by


How archaic it is to know

That one day

All this globe

Will be a nest for other birds

Celestial winged apostles

Of this ancient world


Ted Goodell

July 24, 2015



Frivolous little bird

Imagining this world

Of leaf and limb and sky

Believing wings and weather

Hold you high above the clouds

Absorbed in nothing but the air

While all below control their lives

With tools and trades

And fantasies of engines

Soaring to the stars


Ted Goodell

May 11, 2011

The Journey to Elbrianne


The world through a moving train

Is a swift distortion

Of an outside world

A hastening blurr

Of recurring memories

Stretched where the eye

No longer sees

In patterns flattened

By the ever changing rush

Of sky and trees


Now startled

By the rising sun

The train leaps

With such elongated force

That speed alone

Can not turn motion back

Where motion leaves

Each passenger alone


Ted Goodell

October 3, 2006


It’s About Time


Time never wastes a minute

You cannot find time

Hiding in the dark

Or making promises

It cannot keep

Not even when the world

Is reeling from the rain

Or whirling in the wind

Time never fears the flames

For time can even

Make the sun look small

And turn the Earth

Into a spinning ball

And finally

Put each book away

Even if a page is torn


Ted Goodell

December 12, 2014