The Neighborhood Address


Foreclosure and seven months ago

Our banks and lending institutions

Brought forth upon our neighborhoods

A new concept in home ownership

And mortgages each conceived

In wealth and dedicated

To the proposition that all loans

Are not created equal


Now we are engaged

In a great political war

Testing whether those who borrow

Can long endure or suffer

The consequences of poor

Congressional leadership


It is all together fitting

And proper that all political parties

Should bear this burden


But in a larger sense

We must dedicate ourselves

To those home owners, living and dead,

Who have bravely consecrated their lives

To the unfinished work which

They have so nobly endured


That from their hope

We take renewed devotion

And do hereby resolve

That this battleground

Of Wall Street

Shall have a new birth

Of credit and that these

Resolutions will lessen

The burden of the people,

By the people, for the people,

Who shall not foreclose

In vain within their neighborhoods


Ted Goodell

September 29, 2008

To Rent or Not to Rent


To rent, or not to rent,

That is the question:

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind

To suffer a Landlord month by month

Or to take arms against

A fluctuating Real Estate

And by well planned discretion

Own or rent; no more-

Ay, there’s the problem;

For who could bear

The agony of unexpected

Rent increases, the insolence

Of unpaid bills, the Law’s

Intolerance, the impatient

Scorns of disprized Landlords

Contribute to that dread

Of all who rent

And by that dread

Discover, in that undiscovered country

Called Ownership, those ills we bear

Until we fly to freedom

And avoid despair


Ted Goodell

July 30, 2008



Free from death for now

The long alimentary canal

Glides along with the

Churning tremors of a saline slime

Where air is driven

Beneath elastic tubes

In pink gutters

Draining toward the only light

That faces in and out

To search for little spies

That lurk in mucus swamps

Devouring the green seeds

Where the lush force

Of foam and stone

Grinds everything it feeds

The spilling plant life

Just concealed

Now gives it once

That last release

Until it breathes


Ted Goodell

December 22, 2008

The Squirrel


I was startled

At the sight

Of the squirrel

Lying dead in the road

A road infrequently used

Yet frequently enough

For man and squirrel

To Come within

The target zone of death

An oblivion ill-suited

To the sunny day

And what may be

The aspirations

Of a squirrel’s play

Now neither road nor man

Can take this

Pitiful event

To where the essence

Of a single life

Is spent


Ted Goodell

May 31, 2008

Still When the Wooded Fox is Born


Still when the wooded fox is born

Almost forgotten now

Brute nature

Rude in her green power,

Curious seasons

Clean as milk

And tangled

When the wind blows,

Oh timeless vanity

Give nothing back

But your hot fury

When the sun

Is a stiletto of steam

And all your dark flowers

Bend as the deep sediment dreams


Ted Goodell

February 6, 2008

Joe Six Pack


I have seen “Joe Six Pack”

Scratching his crotch

Yawning and stretching

In yesterdays socks

His large intrepid form

Still in its adolescent bulk

Hungers for beer in its six-pack shape

While his pals parade their latest jokes

And breathe their stale remarks

About some “lousy bitch”

Who wrenched them from their stench of sleep

And mocked their bitter indolence

With all a woman’s strength could reach,

And after all her pride is spent,

Emptied by his endless lust,

She sheds what’s left

Of all her dreams

And spills her crystal tears

Upon his unwashed face


Ted Goodell

October 4, 2008