To An Athlete


Let us commemorate

The athlete triumphant

The interplay of health and beauty

Forever dependent

On the interplay of mass and motion

The disciplined effort

To disguise

The ravishment of time

To shadow memories

While speed and strength

Still drive the sanctity of hope


Ted Goodell

April 23, 2007

The Profit


Can a prophet

Profit from being a prophet

Or does the prophet

Profit from being a prophet


The only profit

A prophet can profit

Is the profit a prophet profits

From being a prophet


Being fit to be a prophet

Is how a prophet profits

From being a prophet


Ted Goodell

September 25, 2015

The Sign Swinger


Like a rectangular arrow

The sign Leaps and loops

As shot to the air

From hands held high

Above his head

And to his back

Bent to receive

This cardboard missile

As traffic slows

To watch his dazzling force

This skill that swings

His pride in work

And leaves brigades

Of silent men to drive away

with envy of such youthful grace

An audience to see

This salesmanship

In air and space


Ted Goodell

October 1, 2015

Nothing Back


Whenever someone turns

The covers back

Remember times hidden hand

Turns nothing back

Not even dawn

With its crescent

Spectacle of light

Can steal a single feather

Lost in flight

Release it to the wind

Or give it freedom

For another night


Ted Goodell

April 30, 2007

The Speck


I witnessed a speck

Self-procreate into a

Wonder of creation.

The smallest dot I make

Upon this page

Was all this speck revealed

And yet it came alive,

An animated speck,

Choosing the white

Enamel surface of my sink

To start its journey

Toward some unknown destination

Its blackness vivid

On the glacial surface

Of my porcelain bowl

Its sudden miracle of movement

Distracting me from routine cares

Transfixing me

With microscopic effort

To turn what once looked lifeless

Into living form

That now explodes

Into sublime creation


Ted Goodell

January 2, 2009