The Bench


Alone, with only the stillness

Of being alone

The bench waits, expecting nothing

But its public image for escape

A timeless reminder of its ancient birth

The necessity to be an urban island

That offers silent comfort

With nothing but an offering for rest

Whoever knows the sanctity of the bench

Gives silent tribute to its unknown guest


Ted Goodell

October 29, 2015

The Profit


Can a prophet

Profit from being a prophet

Or does the prophet

Profit from being a prophet


The only profit

A prophet can profit

Is the profit a prophet profits

From being a prophet


Being fit to be a prophet

Is how a prophet profits

From being a prophet


Ted Goodell

September 25, 2015

The Sign Swinger


Like a rectangular arrow

The sign Leaps and loops

As shot to the air

From hands held high

Above his head

And to his back

Bent to receive

This cardboard missile

As traffic slows

To watch his dazzling force

This skill that swings

His pride in work

And leaves brigades

Of silent men to drive away

with envy of such youthful grace

An audience to see

This salesmanship

In air and space


Ted Goodell

October 1, 2015

The Price Tag


Such things as underwear or socks

Don’t always fit

But price tags always stick

The neck tie and the shirt

Will sometimes slip

But don’t forget

The price tag always sticks

The glove the scarf may sometimes twist

But don’t despair the price tag always sticks


Ted Goodell

July 25, 2015

The Birds


How archaic it is to be a bird

The regimentation of pecking

The solidarity of perching


How archaic it is

To pierce the timelessness of time

And see old shadows buried in ancestral skies

And soar above a destiny

Of fleeting images gone by


How archaic it is to know

That one day

All this globe

Will be a nest for other birds

Celestial winged apostles

Of this ancient world


Ted Goodell

July 24, 2015

The Telephone Call


The telephone call is illustrative

Of the essential element

Connecting personal relationships,

Innovative technology is driven

By the need to assure us

That the essential element

Will be rewarded with perpetuation,

That the telephone call

Is the wall erected against oblivion

And the force that lifts the gravity of recognition


Ted Goodell

June 7, 2015

Rozanne (on your 85th birthday)


The triumph of your name

Expelled from a Litany of names

The inimitable flower the rose

That blossoms from such names

As Rosencrantz or Roseola or Roscoannie

But then the rose becomes the flower

Becomes Rozanne

Becomes the precious

The once the one Rozanne

Of all the flowers


Ted Goodell

May 3, 2015

The Whole Enchilada


The enchilada glories

In its Mexican ancestry

It thrives on a democratic public

But not exclusively

For the enchilada

Will always be the food

For patrons of the recipe for hope

The resiliency of taste

The sacredness of joy


Ted Goodell

March 22, 2015