To An Athlete


Let us commemorate

The athlete triumphant

The interplay of health and beauty

Forever dependent

On the interplay of mass and motion

The disciplined effort

To disguise

The ravishment of time

To shadow memories

While speed and strength

Still drive the sanctity of hope


Ted Goodell

April 23, 2007

Nothing Back


Whenever someone turns

The covers back

Remember times hidden hand

Turns nothing back

Not even dawn

With its crescent

Spectacle of light

Can steal a single feather

Lost in flight

Release it to the wind

Or give it freedom

For another night


Ted Goodell

April 30, 2007

Heat Wave

It broke into a crescendo

Of heat

Each spear of the sun’s rays

Striking the dazed figures

That seemed to crawl

Along the parched pavements

Of a tediously listless day

Even time was scorched

And squeezed the

Languid energy

From sweating skin

Now as the air

Plumes her heavy wings

Even the heat

Begs for rain.


Ted Goodell

September 2, 2007

The Spider


I caught a spider

In a cup

It resonated fear

It knew my home

Was not a church

No sanctuary lost

Between its world

Of web and fang

But something alien

To touch

A surface inaccessible

To stealth and sting

Now in captivity

The agile acrobat

Dreams of a god with wings


Ted Goodell