The Remote

Socrates hit a philosophical

Home run when he said “Know Thyself ”

Shakespeare hit a dramatic home run

When he said “to be or not to be”

Future generations will marvel

At the depth of our wisdom

When they discover a document

Bearing the home run cry of

“Where is the remote”

They will wonder

Is the remote near

Or is it far

Or is it everywhere


Ted Goodell

November 2018


Kite Flyer

When the wind

Carries a kite above the clouds

The flyer will feel an exhilaration

As pure as the joy

A poet feels

When a single line

Stirs the breeze of an idea

Lifting the boundaries of memory

The rush of words

As powerful as the drumbeat of thunder

The silence that only

The whisper of language can hear


Ted Goodell

November 2018