It would be misleading

To compare the cystoscopy

With the threading of a needle

The comparison is more like a

Ballet dancer pirouetting

Tip toe on a tight wire

Stretched between two anchors

Secured to a gurney of steel

The bladder the testis the penis

Impaled in supine submission

The muffled trio trapped

And straining to a slow thrust

Plying the rapier length of a pins point

Upward toward a shaft of light


Ted Goodell

April 2017

The Grasshopper


Did you ever see a grasshopper in La Mesita Park

Just yesterday suddenly and unexpectedly

A grasshopper sprang to my shoulder

There it sat with cautious pride

Accepting the convenience

Of my walking on the grass

How I accept your place of rest

Sprightly little guest

For eye to eye

In the morning light

I held you in your early flight

I deemed your mood

Not all contrite

Gray little insect with all your might

You learned to cling throughout your life

Our time together seemed so brief

I hope you found a sheltered leaf

But should you need a safer church

Upon my shoulder you may always perch


Ted Goodell

August 20, 2010

Nothing Back


Whenever someone turns

The covers back

Remember times hidden hand

Turns nothing back

Not even dawn

With its crescent

Spectacle of light

Can steal a single feather

Lost in flight

Release it to the wind

Or give it freedom

For another night


Ted Goodell

April 30, 2007

The Mammoths


So swift the orbital mass

Propelled through the universe

A blade of electricity

Slicing past eons of flaming light

An epicycle followed by

Torturous beasts

And finally the mammoths

Crushing the ice

Delivered into extinction

By man flung spears and the frozen night


Ted Goodell

April 20, 2011