Frivolous little bird

Imagining this world

Of leaf and limb and sky

Believing wings and weather

Hold you high above the clouds

Absorbed in nothing but the air

While all below control their lives

With tools and trades

And fantasies of engines

Soaring to the stars


Ted Goodell

May 11, 2011


The Mammoths


So swift the orbital mass

Propelled through the universe

A blade of electricity

Slicing past eons of flaming light

An epicycle followed by

Torturous beasts

And finally the mammoths

Crushing the ice

Delivered into extinction

By man flung spears and the frozen night


Ted Goodell

April 20, 2011


(Belching Acidic Regurgitated Food)


I parked by a puddle of barf

It was alarmingly brutal to see

But then I thought of its

Lush evacuation

From the distraught intestine of its

Caged owner

Its outline beginning to seep in the rain

The contents now and then

A mixture of sausage and milk

Or yet some frothing sauce

With cream around the edge

A slice or two of cole slaw

Clinging to a bit of pear

Still floating in a sagging

Ring of broth

An optical horror

Its last drops

Waiting for the purification

Of the sun


Ted Goodell

March 20, 2011