100 Poems by Ted Goodell

In celebration of Ted’s 100th posted poem, we are re-posting one of his personal favorites.

In the Shadow of the Shiloh (to Tony D.)

Along with these 100 poems, we are also celebrating 4 years of Ted’s poetry blog! I can’t wait to see the poetry of 2019.  Happy New Year Dad!


(to Tony D.)

I sailed on The Shiloh

To the Persian Gulf.

Now, in the shadow of The Shilo,

I see myself;

A retrospective view

Of where I stood on watch,

Leaning into the surf

Watching a distant horizon

Bringing me back

To where I stand today;

On a different watch

My future self,

Arising like a golden dawn,

Shedding the past

In the shadow of The Shiloh


Ted Goodell