100 Poems by Ted Goodell

In celebration of Ted’s 100th posted poem, we are re-posting one of his personal favorites.

In the Shadow of the Shiloh (to Tony D.)

Along with these 100 poems, we are also celebrating 4 years of Ted’s poetry blog! I can’t wait to see the poetry of 2019.  Happy New Year Dad!


(to Tony D.)

I sailed on The Shiloh

To the Persian Gulf.

Now, in the shadow of The Shilo,

I see myself;

A retrospective view

Of where I stood on watch,

Leaning into the surf

Watching a distant horizon

Bringing me back

To where I stand today;

On a different watch

My future self,

Arising like a golden dawn,

Shedding the past

In the shadow of The Shiloh


Ted Goodell



One thought on “100 Poems by Ted Goodell

  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year! Thanks for ringing in 2019 with one of my favorites: In the Shadow of the Shiloh. It’s a perfect poem for reflecting on the old and looking ahead towards a new year. Funny that was the poem he selected and the timing in which it got posted. Perfection!


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