The Thrift Store

The thrift store

Doubles as a mental health clinic

You can dig into the past

Of other people’s lives

Or refer yourself to a silver spoon

Or meditate on a silk scarf

Memories reduced to a manageable fee

The follow-up visits are a bargain

Never realized by psychiatry


Ted Goodell

April 23, 2016

One thought on “The Thrift Store

  1. Hi Ted, it is Penny saying high from Utah, I sure miss everyone at the park….I miss the talking, our parks are beautiful no one really reaches out….How is your family? I am coming back to Orange County in a month to visit my two daughters and their sons for a bit. Hope all is well with you and your family! …I like your poems👍👍👍


Ted welcomes and appreciates your comments. Go ahead, leave one. Thank you!

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