The Neighborhood Address


Foreclosure and seven months ago

Our banks and lending institutions

Brought forth upon our neighborhoods

A new concept in home ownership

And mortgages each conceived

In wealth and dedicated

To the proposition that all loans

Are not created equal


Now we are engaged

In a great political war

Testing whether those who borrow

Can long endure or suffer

The consequences of poor

Congressional leadership


It is all together fitting

And proper that all political parties

Should bear this burden


But in a larger sense

We must dedicate ourselves

To those home owners, living and dead,

Who have bravely consecrated their lives

To the unfinished work which

They have so nobly endured


That from their hope

We take renewed devotion

And do hereby resolve

That this battleground

Of Wall Street

Shall have a new birth

Of credit and that these

Resolutions will lessen

The burden of the people,

By the people, for the people,

Who shall not foreclose

In vain within their neighborhoods


Ted Goodell

September 29, 2008

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