The Bracelet


Around her wrist

An ornament of silver shines

Its loveliness is not illusion

But a fact

Illuminated like a flower

That turns into a spring of flowers

Whose petals now adorn a magic fire


What incandescent force compels

This lace of silver to entwine your wrist

To purchase the allure of placement

Where it circles over skin and bone

Before its round configuration

Orbits over all our lonely destinations


Ted Goodell

December 30, 2010


2 thoughts on “The Bracelet

  1. It is interesting for me to read the comment above, because what I get from this poem is that someone has given her the bracelet as a replacement for something…love, friendship… and while she has it and wears it, it is actually a gift that will always remind her of what she doesn’t have.
    So, while for one reader it is a good way to start the day…I actually find it quite a sad poem.
    Isn’t it interesting how wide and varied a response to your poem. Thank you Ted 🙂


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