Portsmouth, Virginia


And Washington Street

In Portsmouth, Virginia

Belongs to the grass

Ordinary but beautiful

Full of Sunday Weddings

And down-turned bicycles

With sticks and sparrows

Always singing,

With trees and churches

And Chesapeake Bay

All landscape


Ted Goodell




One thought on “Portsmouth, Virginia

  1. Before marriage, children, and a 3,000 mile journey far from Portsmouth, VA., Ted wrote this beautiful poem depicting a life he hadn’t quite yet lived…but did (has). A poetic observation of life in a small town, written in 1957, trading Chesapeake Bay for the Pacific Ocean and a move to a small town in the late 60’s, with a backyard of sparrows, trees, tricycles, all ordinary, all beautiful. I love this poem!! It’s a visit into the mind and observations of my father long before I was born.


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